Located along the Yellow River in central China The birthplace of Chinese civilization and home of Yanhuang, inhabitants of the Yellow River basin in ancient China
Based in a national central city and one of China's emerging first-tier cities
Located at a focal point in China's rail network and a major high-speed railway transportation hub
Established 15 departments offering 49 academic majors, with over 960 faculty and staff members
Some 28% of full-time faculty hold the academic rank of assistant professor or above
Some 70% of faculty are doctoral or master's degree holders
Has two national-level teaching teams, two national-level training centers and one national-level virtual simulation training center
Supporting institution of the National Natural Science Foundation of China
Student Awards
Won first prize in China's National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest for seven consecutive years and achieved the highest number of awards among the country's higher vocational colleges
Four-time first prize winner of the Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling
Three-time first prize winner of Robocon China
Won first prize in the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Higher Vocational College Students
Achieved first prize in the National Vocational College Skills Competition's Embedded System and Mobile Application Development category.
Won first prize in the BIM Application Graduation Design Competition for National Universities
Research Institutes
Vocational Ability Reconstruction Research Center, Chinese Society for Technical and Vocational Education
Research Center for People-to-People Exchange Between China and Foreign Countries in Rail Transit Industry, Ministry of Education
China-UK Rail (Zhengzhou) Research Institute
Branch campus at Bestdr Infrastructure Hospital
Overseas Training Programs
Trained Kenya's Mombasa–Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway technicians in 2017
Joined Saudi Arabia's Mecca metro system maintenance program in 2018
Trained technicians of Ethiopia's Addis Ababa–Djibouti Railway in 2018
Conducted training for train drivers of Addis Ababa–Djibouti Railway in 2019
Undertook training of South Africa's Chinese Government Scholarship recipients in 2019
Trained China-Laos railway technicians in 2020
Conducted an e-commerce course for the Southeast Asia market in 2021
International Partners
St. Petersburg State Transport University, Russia
Russian University of Transport
Ural State University of Railway Transport, Russia
Holmes Institute, Australia
NorQuest College, Canada
University of Worcester, UK
College-Industry Collaboration Partners
China Railway Group Limited
China Railway Airport Construction Co Ltd
Hangzhou Metro Group Co Ltd
CRSC (Zhengzhou) Electrification Bureau
Suzhou Rail Transit Group Co Ltd
Shijiazhuang Rail Transit Co Ltd
First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University
Henan People's Hospital
First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Henan Cancer Hospital
Zhengzhou Jiean Hi-Tech Co Ltd
ZTE Corporation
General Electric Company, US
Qihoo 360
New H3C Technologies Co Ltd
International Organizations
Vice-chair and secretary-general of International Association of Transport Universities in Asia-Pacific
Vice-chair of Association of Rectors of Transport Universities of Russia and China
Initiated Thai-Chinese Education Alliance
Board member of China & South Africa Technical and Vocational Education Cooperation Alliance
Vice-chair of UK NARIC China Council
Participant of Construction Plan of High-Level Vocational Colleges and Specialities with Chinese Characteristics
Designated as one of China's leading higher vocational colleges
Selected as China's high-quality higher vocational college
Selected as Third Batch of Pilot Colleges in Modern Apprenticeship Program under China's Ministry of Education
Ranked top 50 in teaching management among technical and vocational education colleges in China
Ranked top 50 in student management among technical and vocational education colleges in China
Quality of teaching resources ranked in the top 50 among technical and vocational education colleges in China
Entered top 50 in competitiveness rankings of technical and vocational education colleges in China
Winner of World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics' Award of Excellence