Vice Chairman
Secretary General
Li Xuewei Chairman of the Secretariat of IATU-APC ,President and Professor of Beijing Union University, China

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen!

     For the current social development in the era of globalization, many issues that have arisen need to be solved by uniting the efforts of the international community, particularly in the areas of transport and education. For adapting to the requirements for rapid development in modern society, an integrated global transport network is urgently needed to simplify routes and optimize the time and cost of freight and passenger transport. 

      In these aspects, it is necessary to combine the scientific research, teaching and production work in the transportation sector internationally and integrate the efforts paid by all the members in the sector to jointly research and develop new scientific research directions and projects. The integration of science, technology and production in railway development is one of the goals to establish the International Association of Transport Universities of Asian-pacific Countries.

      The countries of the Asian-Pacific region play a strategic role in the global transportation network, highlighting the significance of various activities held by the Association in the region.

      Currently, the transport universities from China, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Russia, Australia and Mongolia now join our big family as the members of the International Association.

     Our Association is open to all new members. It is my belief that our endeavor, knowledge and potential are not only able to promote the development of transport industry in various regions and countries, but also contribute to the world’s transport development.


Objective and Tasks


The Association mainly aims to unify all the members to with regard to scientific research and education areas pay efforts to jointly formulate various cooperation directions and projects for the modern transportation field, for the purpose of satisfying the needs of the international community, countries and regions and to implement the cooperation directions and projects. Intelligent products and services are jointly researched and developed and produced by the members, to guarantee the cultivation of talents. 

Main Tasks:

1. The Association should unify the members to establish a constructive and friendly cooperation relationship with each other in the fields of education, scientific research, academic exchange and mutual teacher assignment;

2. The Association should create various conditions for improving the relationship among the members, causing them to jointly implement the specific professional development scheme, further education plan and scientific research work;

3. The Association should jointly develop and implement the science projects in which the latest production technologies are adopted, accelerating the trade and economic cooperation among the members;

4. The Association should jointly hold a seminar, meeting, forum and workshop (further education) for the topics that each member is interested in;

5. The Association should organize to establish and develop a relationship between the country and the international and domestic organizations of other countries;

6. The Association should cause the members to organize some delegations and experts and scholars to visit each other, exchange experience and messages and enter into a cooperation agreement;

7. The Association should assist the members in acquiring and exchanging the information of teaching organization, content, method and technology;

8. The Association should coordinate for and accelerate the cooperation among the universities and normalize the terms in the transportation sector; 

9. The Association should regularly hold a symposium of transport universities of the Asian-pacific countries;

10. The Association should organize a short-term further education, exchange and study class and an experience exchange symposium for the teachers and transportation staff, 

11. The Association should carry out other activities necessary for realizing the objective of the Association as per the relevant international laws and regulations.

Articles of Association