zhengzhou railway vocational & technical college

1、 School profile

             Zhengzhou Railway Vocational and technical college was founded in 1951. It held undergraduate education from 1958 to 1963. It was the first batch of Higher Vocational Education in China in 1994. It was approved by the Ministry of education to become a full-time ordinary college in 1999. It is the only public higher vocational college of rail transit in Henan Province and the first independent higher vocational college in China's railway system National high-quality vocational colleges, national double high plan construction unit.

          The school is located in the central city of Zhengzhou, an important transportation hub of China Railway and the political, economic and cultural center of Henan Province. The new campus is located in Zhengdong New District with superior geographical location and broad development prospects, with a total area of 1081810m2 and a construction area of 407290m2. The total value of fixed assets is 414.4492 million yuan, of which the total value of teaching instruments and equipment is 254.16 million yuan, and the average value of instruments and equipment per student is 13998.37 yuan. The library has 1.1683 million books and 64.93 books per student.

          The school has 15 Teaching Colleges (departments) and 68 specialties of 6 major categories of engineering, medicine, culture, management, economy and art, forming a trunk track and medical specialty, and a capable layout of Humanities and art majors. It enrolls students nationwide, with 17992 full-time students. At present, there are more than 900 teaching staff, 647 full-time teachers, 27.82% full-time teachers with deputy senior level or above, 69.24% with doctor and master's degree, 90.11% with double qualification and 15.12 student teacher ratio. There are 26 experts, provincial academic and technical leaders and famous teachers who enjoy the special allowance of the provincial government, 2 excellent teachers in China, 1 Teacher Award in Colleges and universities, 2 members of the National Vocational Education Teaching Guidance Committee, and 7 national vocational education rail transit teachers. There are 4 provincial teaching teams, and the computer application technology (high-speed train intelligent operation and maintenance) team has won the first batch of national vocational education teachers' teaching innovation team, and the modern rail transit technology teacher team has been identified as the first batch of National University Huang Danian teacher team (one of 10 higher vocational colleges in China).

          Scientific research achievements have increased significantly. Since 2011, it has obtained 152 national patents, 636 appraisal and conclusion achievements of teaching and research at school level and above, 578 award-winning achievements in teaching and scientific research at school level and above, 129 first author papers included in EI, SCI, ISTP, CSCD and CSSCI, including 13 CSCD and 1 CSSCI. In 2009, it was approved as a supporting unit of NSFC. In 2010, it was approved by NSFC for the first time and participated in one project of NSFC. At present, Zhengzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College Branch, the first hospital of Badao engineering in China, and the only vocational ability Reconstruction Research Institute of China Vocational and Technical Education Association in China, has established the China UK rail transit Research Institute in cooperation with ukce and nsar Research Institute . It has 7 provincial scientific research platforms.

          The school has always implemented the party's educational policy and adhered to the guiding ideology of Xi Jinping's new era China characteristic socialism, fulfilling the basic task of Li De Shu people, adhering to the core cultural concept of family state, railway spirit and artisan heart, and strengthening the connotation construction, constantly improving the educational mechanism of moral skills and combining work with learning, deepening the integration of production and education, and building school enterprise cooperation. The talent training mode of docking with industrial demand, curriculum content and professional standards, teaching process and production process is set up, and the school running strength and level are constantly improved. More than 60 years after its establishment, the university has trained 150000 middle and higher technology application-oriented and management talents, providing strong human and intellectual support for the national rail transit construction and economic and social development. One belt, one road, has been actively integrated into the one belt construction in recent years. It is actively docking Henan's opening up to the outside world, strives to improve the internationalization level of the school running, and comprehensively creates a high occupation vocational school with around the place has the contribution, the service industry has contributed, and has an impact on the international community.

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